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Longcuts To A Longer, Healthier Life
Longcuts are an appealing alternative to our obsession with shortcuts and quick-fixes. You'll learn sensible tips to help optimize your diet, implement an effective exercise program, dial in your sleep and recovery practices, improve stress management, and engage in healthy relationship dynamics.

Amazing Feets
How to safely and enjoyably transition to a barefoot-dominant lifestyle. Learn about the drawbacks of restrictive footwear, the benefits of barefoot/minimalist shoe use, and step-by-step guide to improving your barefoot competency, including daily drills and exercises to get your feet strong and resilient

Becoming A Modern Day MOFO
An owner's manual for authentic ancestral living in hectic, high-stress modern life. Includes ten categories of guidance covering all aspects of diet, fitness, and lifestyle that will help you transform in every way. 

The Keto Reset Diet Recipe Sampler
Enjoy a selection of delicious keto-friendly meal preparations from the New York Times bestselling book, The Keto Reset Diet. Frittatas, Egg muffins, Seared ahi! Yes, keto can be fun, creative, and delicious.
A Connoisseur's Comprehensive Guide To Dark Chocolate
Learn all about the health benefits of bean-to-bar, high cacao percentage dark chocolate and how to make the most sustainable and healthful selections in the marketplace. 
The Carnivore Scores Food Rankings Chart
This colorful, incredibly informative, one-page PDF is great to display on the fridge. It will guide you to choosing the most nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest foods on the planet, with a tiered ranking system and the best choices in each food category.
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